We are finishing this calendar year with words of gratitude

To all who are on the side of good. To everyone in our team. To our partners.

January of 2022 became a milestone in the history of development of the port of Chornomorsk. Under the provisions of the joint agreement, the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority completed the dredging operations on the approaches to the bilateral pier  – an investment project of  Risoil – reaching a depth of 15 m, and we entered the phase of installation of the technolohical equipment.

In early February, the Group was setting personal records in transshipment and was working with new cargos and routes, and then it managed to stay united in restoring the workflow and approving operational decisions and volunteer work.

We’ve spoken extensively to the media around the world, commenting on the importance of agricultural exports and the launching of the grain corridor.

In September, we managed not only to recommence the construction of the pier, but also to assemble all the six jibs of the future ship loading system, which has no analogues in Ukraine, by the start of the new year.

We sincerely hope that 2023 will allow us to finally set a tradition (as we did with the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine this year) of celebrating the most important events near the seamark, all together, with Risoil guests.