Seapearl has delivered 27,500 tons of ammonium sulfate

Seapearl has delivered 27,500 tons of ammonium sulfate, a mineral fertilizer used in agriculture, to the Risoil multi-purpose terminal.

In order to keep up with the intensive pace of vessel handling, the terminal team continues unloading under three technological schemes at a time: onto hopper wagons, onto trucks, and by way of packing into big bags. 

By the way, the volume of the mineral fertilizer shipment imported has become one of the largest in the history of the seaport of Chornomorsk.

“Our clients can choose not only a transhipment technological scheme suitable for them, but also a combination of them to simplify further logistics,” says Oleksandr Denysenko, Director of the Terminal.

As a reminder, Universal Terminal Risoil has over 52,000 square meters of storage space, three weighbridges, 12 gantry cranes and five active loading areas that run through the terminal and divide it into four warehouse lines.