Risoil Ukraine is working to expand markets for Ukrainian agricultural products in Southeast Asia

The priority is given to direct contracts reducing the cost of goods for end consumers.

“This is more than a story about agro-exports. We are telling our potential Asian partners why Ukraine’s success is so crucial to the world. How, despite all the daily threats and losses, Ukrainians strive to develop and think responsibly about their future recovery, why the availability of the needed food and its prices are globally dependent on the work of our farmers, even with a limited grain corridor. All that should be explained in Asian countries at all levels and as often as possible”, points out Dmytro Minov, CEO of Risoil UKraine.

In March, a delegation from this trading company attended the Global Grain and Animal Feed Asia 2023 (Singapore), the biggest industry event that is held in this part of the world, where trends and new challenges for all the agricultural market players were discussed.  

The Company exports vegetable oil to the countries in Southeast Asia and now it is planning to increase its containerised grain shipments.