Made with Love for Ukraine and for Our Cause! 

Risoil Group officially announces the full commissioning of a bilateral pier in the port of Chornomorsk. This is an ambitious investment project that our team, along with leading professionals engaged, tackled in 2021.

The cost of construction, including the unique highly technologicalequipment for transhipment of vegetable oil and grain, amounted to UAH 1.5 billion (*at the prices of 2021).

Under Ukraine’s first treaty for “take or pay” interdependent projects  between the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority and Risoil Terminal, dredging was carried out on the appoaches to the pier. 

Once in operation, the pier’s ability to handle different types of cargo simultaneously on either side of this hydraulic structure has been proven to be a success due to a fixed vessel loading system with a capacity of 3,000 tonnes per hour. In addition to the new export opportunities, there are provisions for receiving grain from any barges and vessels of various types. 

“Our idea has been has come to life thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and all of you – the hundreds of people who did their work honestly and supported us’”, stress Oleksandr Minov and Shota Khadjishvili, the founders of Risoil. 

Once martial law ends in victory, a big rally is planned on the 342nd meter of the pier near the navigating mark. We strongly believe that despite the difficulties we face, in particular, the tense situiation with exports in the Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea, such projects become even more important for the development of the industry, maintainng and increasing jobs and, therefore, additional incomes to the budgets of various levels.

So, today we would like to acknowledge once again everyone from our large and dedicated Risoil team!

As well as those who (the list below is by no means exhaustive) worked together with us to design, mount, consult, provide support, approve, explain, train and learn – the teams and the leaders of:

– CHORNOMORNDIPROJECT represented by Serhii Nikulin, for the design of the hydraulic part of the pier that was carried out to our order, and TIC Hydrotechnika for its construction;

– ETALON, represented by Pavlo Kirov, ADEPT GROUP, represented by Ivan Lukyanchuk, C-Engineering in the person of Batyr Annayev and all the subcontractors who carried out installation work under the supervision of the professionals of Risoil Terminal – for their professional endurance and search for ideal construction solutions;

— NEUERO represented by ANdreas Gindenburg, and АGI – for the production and delivery, under stressful logistical conditions, of the latest batches of highly efficient and environmentally friendly equipment for the ship loading system; 

— the Ministry of Development of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority, represented by Oleksandr Kubrakov, – for the experience of entering into Ukraine’s first take-or-pay contract and for the dredging operations, which became a historic event for the port of Chornomorsk;     

– the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine and Mr. Claude Wild, who was Swiss  Ambassador to Ukraine from 2019 till 2023, and Ms. Olena Gut, Head of the Commercial Department, – for their believing in the importance of the project even before the first pile was driven.    We very much hope to meet and continue our positive communication also with Mr. Felix Baumann, who has headed the diplomatic mission this year;

– Odesa Regional Public Administration and Chornomorsk City Council – for the cooperation in some specific aspects of implementation of the project;

– the Provisional Special Board for Protection of Investor’s Rights headed by Ms. Halyna Yanchenko and all her team for their resoluteness and keeping in touch for 24/7, as well as the industry-specific organisations such as the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, the Business Ombudsman Council, European Business Association, Ukraine Invest – for their support;

– the Ukrainian and foreign mass media which have been covering this project all these years;

… and many many more others. Thank you all!