Another grain lab of Risoil Terminal opened

The new unit is located in a special area for vehicles. We also installed additional truck scales and a separate gate to speed up the inspection of our customers’ cargo and, thus, its unloading.

Traditionally, the company’s specialists use leading equipment to automate processes. The Rakoraf sampler makes it possible to take samples in a matter of minutes. New devices based on infrared radiation determine the quality, presence of GMOs and other quality indicators. All information is immediately entered into an electronic data system.

The team is constantly improving and, thanks to the implementation of investment projects, is replenished. The terminal welcomes new colleagues who have joined the new lab. For convenience of employees, there are showers, locker rooms and a canteen on a separate floor.

This is the second structural unit that determines the quality of grain delivered to the company by road. Once the quality is confirmed, the grain is weighed, unloaded and transported away through a dedicated exit road. Thus, an algorithm has been created where loaded and empty trucks can avoid crossing each other.