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RISOIL S.A. was founded in 2000 in Geneva, Switzerland. The company’s structure allows it to utilize its resources to be stable and efficient, to develop actively, to be in touch with the world’s markets, and to adapt to their rapid changes.

Group of agricultural manufacturing companies RISOIL S.A. offers the following services:


25.09.2017September 24th, 2013, the terminal «Risoil South» was put into operation. 22.09.2017The «Risoil S.A.» company informs about a temporary suspension of the director of one of its subsidiaries – the «Maritime Technical Center» Ltd from work . 14.08.2017The «RISOIL S.A.» team hopes for the best and continues to invest into Ukraine. 2.08.2017«Rules of a fair play in the port industry simply do not exist in our country» — Shota Khadzhishvili in a special interview for « Business Censor» 3.07.2017The «RISOIL S.A.» team has a plenty of long-term plans. Shota Khadzhishvili for the «APK-Inform SUMMARY» journal (№5) 8.06.2017«GRAIN & MARITIME DAYS IN ODESSA» on the territory of Risoil Terminal in the Chernomorskiy marine trade port. 12.05.2017The «RISOIL TERMINAL» company has signed a memorandum with the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority. 11.05.2017This year the RISOIL S.A. company is the general sponsor of the 16th international conference «GRAIN & MARITIME DAYS IN ODESSA». 5.04.2017The experts of the National marine rating of Ukraine determined opening of the grain terminal «Risoil-Terminal» in the Chernomorskiy Marine Trade Port as the second place in the nomination «Achievements of the year 2016». 31.03.2017The grain terminal «Risoil-Terminal» celebrates 1 year of working. 15.03.2017The HACCP group which developed and implemented the GTAS trade security system was organized at the Risoil Terminal. 31.01.2017Manufacturing and technological laboratory of Risoil Terminal became a member of GAFTA. 17.01.2017Bad weather has not disrupted operations of Risoil South terminal. 7.12.2016Risoil Terminal company took part in the second International conference "Grain terminals: new projects, equipment and technologies 17.11.2016Risoil S.A. is ready to invest of grain terminal construction at Black Sea Commercial Port